One Pulse

Use Leveraging
Solar Energy

The 1st Indonesia's Community-based Project for Impoverished Unelectrified Areas in Indonesia

One Pulse is a youth-led project that brings young changemakers, non-profit organizations, and companies together to forefront the productive use leveraging solar energy (PULSE) action. The project will build an agricultural ecosystem powered by off-grid solar panels in underdeveloped unelectrified regions with high-potential farm products, by collaborating with its local village cooperatives.

Our Projects

In the first stage of our project which will take place in the next four months, we plan to conduct a pilot project on an underdeveloped village called Gumbang, in East Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Our Goal

Increase Gumbang agricultural productivity by leveraging solar energy


1. Local farmers have access to affordable and clean energy
2. Local farmers are exposed to agricultural technology to support their production process


1. Solar Panel Installed which flows into one local cooperative house.
2. Educational training for solar panel maintenance.
3. Provide needed machine in One Pulse home.
4. Training from youth community on how to utilize the machines

SDGs Involved

No Poverty

“No Poverty” (SDG No. 1) can be solved by enabling local farmers to be more efficient in their job and providing opportunities to improve their products from raw to semi-finished commodities utilizing agricultural technology.

Affordable and Clean Energy

“Affordable and Clean Energy” (SDG No. 7) is covered when our project utilizes solar energy as an integral part of our off-grid electricity solution. Solar energy is fit for this project because it is the most potential clean energy in the area (SolarGIS Insight) and it has an already well-supported system to be easily and more cheaply installed in the unelectrified village.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of our pilot project in the next 5 months are as follows:

To increase the number of processed agricultural commodities by 3x by the end of the pilot project as a sign of improving local productivity within Kampung Gumbang, East Nusa Tenggara.

To initiate a youth awareness community in the local region of East Nusa Tenggara consisting of 50 members by the end of the project started with our education program.

To train 5 local villagers to be solar panel technicians able to maintain and sustain the installation post-project.


Survey Pre-Installation

4-5 April 2023


22-24 May 2023

Human Development

24-26 June 2023

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